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King Mint


The pinnacle of all minty teas, meticulously bred and raised to sit a throne of magnificence and opulence. Marrying the distinguished legacy and exotic palate of South African Rooibos with the popular visage and familiar taste of the finest Peppermint Leaves, these two carefully cultivated peers in their own rites have passed on a proud heritage and an unshakable foundation for this newly ascendant monarch. Promising us an era of unparalleled herbal sensations, His Grace has seen fit to generously extend an invitation for you to share in this. A single taste of the brew that is being offered, and you too will recognize the prestige in your cup, and find yourself declaring to your friends and family alike: “Long may He reign!”
Contains: Herbal Tea, Minty Rooibos, Peppermint Leaves and NO Caffeine


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