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It’s a Wonderful Life


Bad mornings, stormy days, disappointing nights: in those times, a cup of plain old tea just won’t cut it. But It’s a Wonderful Life isn’t just a regular old tea blend: it’s a blend specifically made to lift one’s spirits and rejuvenate their soul. This original blend of black tea was lovingly crafted with just the right amounts of cinnamon, clove, and dried orange pieces to elevate the flavor profile to something magical: a rich, full-body of black tea with subtle hints of spice and sweetness, lingering like the glee one feels as they relive their most joyous memories. A wonderful combination that deserves to be shared and appreciated for its unique flavor profile, It’s a Wonderful Life is a tea blend to be enjoyed at holidays, family gatherings, or a morning when you need a cheery start to your day.
Contains: Black Tea, Caffeine, Cinnamon, Clove, Orange Pieces.


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