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Leland Tea Company 

Organic Tea

Crafted from the finest leaves, herbs, spices, and fruits, our tea offers pure, natural flavors without the fuss. Experience the essence of just good tea at a price that feels just right.


Browse our loose leaf teas, perfect for an aromatic brew with depth, nuance and florality

Black Tea

Fresh and healthy

Green Tea

Refreshing and pure

Herbal Tea

Herbal and healthful

Red Tea

Robust and reviving

Oolong Tea

Full-bodied and flavorful

White Tea

Light and luxurious

Pu Erh Tea

Deep and distinctive

Custom Blend

Crafted and curative


Wil Otero has spent a lifetime curating the world's best ingredients and flavors. The result? Quality, unique, signature teas.

what people say about us

Lovely afternoon tea for two. Very reasonable prices. Locally sourced ingredients and everything made with love with the owner and his family.100% would come back!

Kim Chen

Simply the best afternoon tea in the Bay Area. Quality tea, delicious food, and impeccable vibes.

Ahmed S.

A hidden gem. There are so many tea options and the oolong was so good it was more of a ooooooolong .... The owner is a delightful character. Maybe if you're nice he'll let you taste his baked goods.

Rachel Greathouse

Wil creates wonderful food and his personality is even better. It feels like a second home!

Heather Chen