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A flower bulb as big and bright as the Chrysanthemum (Ju-Hua) brews a tea of equal luxury and majesty. Once cultivated exclusively for the Emperor of China during the Ming Dynasty, this rare flower is known as, “Emperor’s Yellow Chrysanthemum”. Grown in in the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) area of the Anhui Province of China, our Chrysanthemum tea’s elite status is matched by its luxurious flavor as well: smooth, soothing, cooling, floral, and rich with a hint of mint. Deserving of its reputation as one of China’s most popular herbal teas, our Chrysanthemum tea imparts the refined taste of nobility.

Contains: Herbal Tea, Dried Chrysanthemum and NO Caffeine

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Small 1-3oz., Large 4-6oz.

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